Replacing Crucial Components

For over 35 years, Pianos Bolduc has been restoring pianos for individuals, music schools, concert halls, conservatories, and major Canadian universities.

Regular investment employee skills makes us a one-of-a-kind operation that builds on the value of our Canadian and American woods. Many European and Asian manufacturers would rather have us restore their pianos than return them to their countries of origin.  Although replacing crucial components is an important part of piano restoration, few repair technicians are willing to take the risk. Among piano experts, Pianos Bolduc stands out in particular for its expertise in manufacturing and replacing pinblocks and soundboards—two of the most vital piano components.

For a detailed estimate of the work needed to restore your piano, contact us at 1-888-397-5057 for the Quebec area and 1 855-488-5767 for the Montreal area.

Picture a grand piano restoration step by step