Rental of a concert grand

Rental of a concert grand

For professional concerts and all your musical events, competitions, festivals, weddings, or galas, we can provide you with the instrument you need!

Four Steinway grands are available for your musical events

Our Steinway’s offer professional musicians and young artists alike the opportunity to perform on a premium instrument, anywhere in Quebec. These pianos are also available to professional recording studios. Tell us about your plans!

For your Christmas or end-of-the-year concerts, wedding or anniversary receptions, or other events, we can supply uprights and smaller grand pianos.

To music schools, we can also offer a short or long-term piano renewal plans. On demand, we can inspect the full inventory of your school pianos and suggest the necessary repairs. This service is free to schools. For a full and detailed report on each of your pianos, please contact us at 1-888-397-5057 for the Quebec city area or 514-788-5767 for the Montreal area.