Trees: Our Number One Natural Resource

For Pianos Bolduc, trees are vital to the production of fine piano components, and the company treats them with the utmost respect. Each century-old spruce is individually selected and harvested during the winter months.

We only work with suppliers who conduct reforestation and only purchase wood from certified sustainably managed forests.

We conduct research into the use of finger-jointed spruce soundboards for the Asian market. By using wood that would otherwise be thrown out, we hope to develop a modestly priced wood soundboard without in any way compromising on sound quality.

We are constantly researching and developing new ways to optimize the use of our number one raw material—wood.

We recover wood waste and make it available to local residents. Sawdust is used as litter for small animals on local farms and bark for heating sugar shacks and cottages.

We sell shorter pieces to Quebec luthiers to be used for acoustic bracing in guitars.

We recover shorter maple pieces for use by the prestigious German company ABEL of Frankenhardt in piano action parts, such as hammers (Bolduc Blue brand) and shanks.

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