Only the selected trees…

We owe much of our success to superior raw materials: white spruce at least 100 years old for soundboards, and hard-rock maple for pinblocks. Each spruce and maple log is individually selected for purity according to stringent and extremely precise criteria.

Entrust to expert hands

Since founding the company, André Bolduc, cabinetmaker and Piano Technicians Guild–certified technician, has supervised the training of each member of his team. The hand of this internationally recognized master is at work in everything the company produces.

The next Bolduc generation is just as impressive. André Bolduc and Michelle Lord have communicated their passion to their children, Christian and Catherine Bolduc, who attended the finest programs and studied with the most renowned experts in the United States, Europe, and Canada. Always on top of the latest developments, they continue to expand their knowledge through individual internships and numerous conferences throughout Europe and North America.