The Strength of a Dedicated Team

From the birth of the family piano business, training the personnel and the employees has always been a priority for us. In the 1980’s, no repair shop across Canada replaced soundboards or pinblocks. It simply did not exist. A few rebuilding shops in the United-States were offering this service of belly work. Andre Bolduc attended many classes and later on was able to offer this new service to our customers. As we want our employees to better service our customers, they regularly follow advanced trainings. And now, for the last twelve years, Christian Bolduc, our son is regularly invited to teach in the United-States and in Europe. He offers different techniques on quality piano reparation and restoration.

André Bolduc


Born in Montreal in 1947, André Bolduc attended Académie Roussin and initially considered a career in the armed forces. He studied English at CFB Borden in Ontario with further studies at Royal Military College Saint-Jean. His interest in aviation led him to take flying lessons, and he obtained his commercial pilot’s license in 1969.

Additional studies in management and procedures resulted in André leading large work teams at Sicard Machinerie, Canadian Buttons, and Thibault Furniture of Sainte-Thérèse. During the recession of 1970, he took up a career as a police officer with the Sûreté du Québec, living in Quebec City until 1978 when he was transferred to Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce. He also became a qualified cabinetmaker and was listed in the Quebec Ministry of Cultural Affairs’ Directory of Environmental Arts Creators.

Michelle Lord


Michelle took part in the company's founding from the very beginning in 1978. Thanks to her training as a pianist, she could also perform at events to promote the company’s services. She collaborates closely in operations, dealing particularly with the management side. Michelle is presently the executive director at Pianos Bolduc.

Christian Bolduc

Factory Superintendent

Christian showed an interest in working with wood while still a child. He often accompanied his father to the woodworking shop, learning to wield wood chisels and other tools at an early age. But it was while pressing pinblocks with his sister Danièle during summer vacations that his passion for working with his hands in the shop really took off. After finishing high school in 1993, Christian enrolled in cabinet making at the National Furniture School in Victoriaville. On returning to Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce, he apprenticed in piano restoration with his father, then continued his studies in piano production at the Schimmel piano factory in Braunschweig, Germany. A visit to the Steinway & Sons factory in Hamburg rounded off his time in Europe. Today, Christian supervises both the factory and the rebuilding shop in St-Joseph-de-Beauce. He also regularly teaches the science of piano rebuilding around the world.

Catherine Bolduc

Tuner/Technician and Sales Director, Beauce

Following technical and piano-tuning studies in Toronto in 1995, Catherine continued her training at the Schimmel Piano Technicians School, adjacent to the Schimmel piano factory in Braunschweig, Germany. She also paid a visit to the Steinway & Sons factory in Hamburg.

In 1998, she and her brother Christian took a course on QRS MIDI system installation at the Story & Clark factory in Seneca, Pennsylvania. That same year, Catherine gave a class on the Dampp-Chaser system for a Piano Technicians Guild conference in Rhode Island.

Since 1997, Catherine has regularly attended trainings and advanced courses at Steinway & Sons, Fazioli, Schimmel, Sauter and Bôsendorfer.  She is a registered technician , graduate and member of the Piano Technicians Guild since 1998. Catherine has been teaching technical classes in Asia for a few piano manufacturers. Presently, she is in charge the sales department in St-Joseph for the larger Quebec area and she is also responsible for many institutional and home service.

Kathleen Swinford

Shipping and Receiving Manager

A member of the team since 2002, Kathleen is in charge of shipping and receiving for the Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce factory and Montreal store. She handles most piano component orders for North American and European customers. With her fluent English and French, she also supervises the receipt of pianos imported from the United States, Europe, and Asia. Her many administrative and actuarial responsibilities include regularly updating the online components catalogue.

Kathleen is actively involved with the factory staff. We appreciate her dedication to the Company!